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Clean Room Technology  
A room with controlled temperature and moisture to protect sensitive equipment from contamination is called a cleanroom. The walls and ceilings of such a room are made from plastic material and there is circulation of clean and dust-free air to avoid the presence of germs or dust. A room of such type needs to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent infectivity. One of the important features in the production of chips, silicon, RAID drives, hard drives and other technologies is a cleanroom. Cleanrooms are 1,000 times cleaner than the operation theatre of a hospital.

Types of clean room:
  1. Class1:
    It is used for the manufacturing of integrated circuits.
  2. Class10:
    This type of cleanroom is better than class 1 but it s also used for integrated circuit manufacturing.
  3. Class100:
    In this type of class no more than 100 particles can exist. All the tasks including hard drive manufacturing, hard drive data recovery, miniature ball bearings assembly, photo labs and medical implants.
  4. Class1,000:
    This cleanroom can contain no more than 1000 particles and it is meant for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  5. Class10,000:
    No more than 10000 particles, which are larger than 0.5 microns in any given cubic foot of air, can exist in this type of cleanroom. It is specially designed for the manufacturing of color TV tubes and hospital operating room.
  6. Class100,000:
    It is used for ball bearings manufacturing.

Cleanroom is enclosed in a shell which separates the clean air from the remaining of the building. During erection the shell is ventilated with filtered clean and fresh air to prevent contamination. Leakage in the system can create problems, so for this purpose the Filter Fan helps in the re-circulation of about 96% of the air volume within the shell. It also ensures high flexibility.

Monitoring cleanroom is a huge issue which must not be ignored. Rather far-reaching mechanism of testing must be adopted for security of cleanroom.

Half of the job is to keep the environment of cleanroom clean where as the other half depends on the people for the cleanliness of cleanroom. For this other half the people who enter the cleanroom are supposed to wear special suit called ‘bunny suit’. It is done to keep the chips or any other storage media protected from human particles such as hair or skin flakes.

Atlantic Digital Services meets all the cleanroom standards to ensure the security of your hard disk drive, tape drive and RAID drives etc
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