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Aircraft IFE Systems Security Audit



New generation aircraft Inflight Entertainment System(IFE) are equipped with latest commercial computers and operating systems. They are in computers/server and softwares.

Inflight Entertainment System(IFE+Comm) Security Audit

With the provision of Internet, WiFi and Cellular Hub on board aircraft has made them vulnerable to unauthorize access from unauthorize Staff or Passengers. Threats to aircraft are now invisible.

We are in the Cyber Security field to highlight vulnerable areas, to introduce procedures and practices to minimize invisible intrusion form mal-access and Mal-softwares. This process will not only secure airline reputation but also increase passenger comfort and safety conciounce and reduce downtime.

We can provide three services.

1-      Aircraft Avionics Systems Security Audit.

2-      Inflight Entertainment System(IFE) Security Audit.

3-      Aircraft Broadband/Cellular security audit service.

We can provide support to airlines to establish inhouse Aircraft Avionics and Inflight Entertainment System(IFE) Security Audit Department.


Our Qualification:

      Aircraft (Narrow and Widebody.)

  •  Airbus A300/310, A319/320/321, A330, A340, Boeing737, BAC1-11 Avionics and Electronics experience.

  •    IFE Experience ( Panasonic, MAS3000i, RockwellCollin)

Cyber Security Training:

  • Software Security Certificate from Stanford University CA USA.

  • Certified Information System Security Professional(CISSP) Pakistan.

  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Pakistan

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