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Atlantic Digital Services announces the common causes of Tape Drive Failures  

Data recovery still remains an important issue in today's world where information and technology is making new innovations by leaps and bounds. Be it any storage media, data loss is a phenomenon which can occur or cannot occur at all. It is totally un-predictable. Tape drive is a very common media for keeping back-up of crucial data. Although we cannot predict the time when data corruption will occur but we can certainly tale some precautions to nullify the affect of data loss.

According to the technicians at Atlantic Digital Services, the most common reasons for data corruption in tape drives are the following and many more

  • Dust particles on the tape
  • Spoiled semaphores on the system
  • Accidental damage
  • Overwriting the data.
  • Natural calamities
But there are few steps which can be taken by the users to avoid data loss. Following some basic and simple steps you can save your valuable data from corruption.
  • Do not over work the tape drive
  • Store the tapes in a fire-proof environment.
  • Protect your tapes using write-protect option.
  • Store the data on more than one tape.
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Atlantic Digital Services is a leader in data recovery services provider worldwide. If your business critical data is at risk then contact us. Atlantic Digital Services experts recover data from hard drive, RAID arrays, Tape disk, laptop drives and all file systems using latest recovery tools and techniques.
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