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UNIX Data Recovery  

Our UNIX file system recovery specialists can recover data from a variety of UNIX file systems like HP-UX, SCO Open Server, IRIX, BSD, AIX and others. Apart from latest versions, our data recovery specialists can recover old and obsolete version of UNIX of FS family file system such as data blocks, boot block, super block, and a clump of i-nodes.

UNIX file system is a well-organized file system in stipulations of its pace. That is why it is also known amongst computer professionals as FFS (Fast File System). UNIX file system has been used in UNIX operating systems and the operating system which resemble UNIX.

Data can be misplaced if there is corruption in storage media or some damage to file system. The main reasons of corruption of NTFS file system are as follow:

  • Out of ordering of hardware such as hard disk.
  • Some spiteful virus or other such pattern programs attack.
  • Human error such as removal or arrangements of storage media platters.
  • Ordinary catastrophes such as flood, fire, heat, moisture, dust and many others.
Regardless of what sort of disasters is we are able to bring your NTFS file system back to its normal form. Contact us for immediate recovery of your UNIX file system from severe damages.

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